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SCUDDAR Chapters 001 & 002
SCUDDAR chapters 003 & 004
SCUDDAR Chapters 005 & 006
SCUDDAR Chapters 007 & 008. WARNING contains sexual explict scenes!
SCUDDAR. Chapters 009 & 010. WARNING! Chapter 009 contains sexually explicit material.
SCUDDAR Chapters 011 & 012
SCUDDAR Chapters 013 & 014
SCUDDAR Chapters 015 & 016
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Chapter 19


With breakfast finished, the clones were shown around the community buildings so that they could use them whenever they needed. Finally they got to see the Scuddar. Trevor noticed the wounds had, for the most part, healed and the portion that had glowed red was brighter.

"As you can see, it is getting stronger, Trevor," said Meehun. "At the same time, we are receiving more information from it."

"What if it gets too strong and starts producing those yellow threads again?" asked Trevor.

"The productive part of the brain is destroyed. We are continually monitoring its progress to ensure there is no danger of that happening," replied Meehun. "The real danger are the seeds on other worlds."

"It looks disgusting!" said Angela, wrinkling her nose.

"It’s not a pretty sight," agreed Joseph. "Was this creature just a brain without a body?"

"In a sense, yes," answered Meehun. "But it had complete control of the individual beings it had absorbed and used them as its eyes and to execute its needs. Once absorbed, the individuals and the brain actually become one creature."

"And now it is all alone?" asked Stephanie.

"There are still eight individual Scuddar left that have limited movement. These were once Neumites." Meehun replied. He pointed to eight yellow threads clinging to the Scuddar’s side.

"There is evidence that this Scuddar is attempting to communicate with its seed on other worlds," said Neegon. "With your help we hope to learn more about that."

"Yes. That’s how we discovered the latest and more advanced seed," added Meehun.

"Just as well I didn’t destroy it completely," commented Trevor.

"It will soon be time for the midday meal," said Meehun. "We want to teach you how to use the spires for your own use. We can begin before the meal."


During the midday meal they talked about the spies and the controls they had begun to learn about. The Neumites did not have digits to identify numerals. They based numbers on six colours; red, blue, green, yellow, white and black. Red being #1 while #6 was black. The clones had forget the metric system they were used to and learn the colour system. On the control panel double figures were entered simply by pressing a colour twice or more. However, the spoken colours system required learning to speak the Neumite language. Adrian was learning faster than the others.

"Shetta means red and zitt means black," he tried to explain. "So, zitt shetta means sixty-one and shetta zitt means sixteen… I think." This made the clones laugh.

"Yeah, you have made that really clear," joked Charles. "How do you say, a hundred and fifty-three?"

"Come on! We haven’t got that far yet!" replied Adrian. The clones laughed again.

"Trevor!" The female voice made them look up. Trevor saw it was Baheen. She came up to him. "Our child grows strong!" she said, excitedly holding her belly. "He is bonding wonderfully."

The clones looked at Baheen, then at her belly and finally rested on Trevor, waiting for his response. Gina’s expression was a mixture of surprise and puzzlement as her eyes flashed from Trevor to Baheen and back again. Trevor flushed and stood up.

"This is Baheen," he said. Baheen touched her forehead as he introduced her to each one of the clones.

"And this is Gina." he finished.

"Ah, Gina. Everyone knows about Gina," said Baheen beaming. "The one Trevor was so anxious to return to." She turned back to Trevor. "You are happy now," she said.

"Yes, I am very…" Trevor began but Baheen interrupted him, her smile gone.

"I must go," she said simply. She said goodbye and left.

Eight pairs of eyes watched her weave her way past tables and head for the door.

"What did she mean when she said, ‘Our child’?" asked Gina, fixing Trevor with a penetrating look that made him flush even more. All eyes were on him waiting for his explanation.

"I’ll explain later," said Trevor.

"No, now. I want to know," Gina insisted.

"Later, Gina," said Trevor firmly. The women looked at Gina. Only Michelle had an amused and curious look on her face. The men began discussing the numerical system again.

Gina got up from the table. "I want to go back to the house," she said.

"I am sorry, Trevor. I was too late to intervene." Losin’s voice came into Trevor’s head.

"It’s not your fault. I was going to explain to Gina but this has forced the issue."

"You cannot blame Baheen. She didn’t know about the jealousy that you people have. None of us understand that."

"Can we return to the house, Trevor?" Gina’s irritated voice penetrated his thoughts.

"We will have to find someone to take us," he replied, looking around for someone he knew.

"I will take you. I will be there in a minute." Losin’s voice told him.

"Can’t you just ask anyone?" Gina demanded. Just then, Trevor saw Losin enter the dining room.

"Here’s someone I know," he answered standing up and waving at Losin. Losin made her way toward them.

"Hello Trevor," she said. Trevor again went through the introductions. He sensed them all waiting for another bombshell to explode.

"Gina would like to return to the house where we are staying," he explained. "Could you take us?"

"Of course," replied Losin. She turned to the other clones. "We have made clothes that should fit you and placed them in the homes you have occupied. They are the same as our own clothes but if you want styles of your own, that can be done later."

There was a chorus of thanks from the clones, then Losin led the way to the spire.

"Well, well, well," Adrian said when Trevor and Gina were out of earshot. "What’s our Trevor been up to?"

"Doing what comes naturally?" replied a smiling Michelle.

"Michelle," said Charles. "You have no shame!" Michelle grinned at him and shrugged.

"Let’s face it. If he has been bathing with naked females while he was here before, he could easily be tempted to try his luck," answered Joseph. "Some of them are not bad looking. That Baheen wasn’t bad at all."

"Maybe he was seduced," suggested Stephanie. "Trevor would be quite a catch for a woman."

"Do you think she did that on purpose?" asked Angela. "What better way to cause a split between a couple?"

"I wouldn’t have done it that way," Michelle said. She turned to Charles with a smile and added, "even if you do think I have no shame."

"I’m wondering what Gina is going to do to him when he tries to explain," Adrian said. He smashed his fist into his palm to emphasise what he thought Gina would do and chuckled.

"He’s big enough to take care of himself," replied Michelle. "I think he would be better off without her."

"So do I. How ever much he is in love with her he won’t be happy after a year or so," Angela said. "She is too…"

"Demanding?" finished Stephanie.

"Too girly-girly, I would say," Adrian offered.

"You’re right. He needs a man’s woman!" Michelle patted her chest. "Someone like me!"

"You really fancy him, don’t you?" Charles smiled at Michelle.

Michelle shrugged. "Maybe it is because he is older than we are."

"He’s had five years more live experience than we have," added Angela.

"Then we had better catch up," said Joseph. "It’s time we went back to learning those spire controls."


"What the hell is going on, Trevor?" Gina stood facing him with arms akimbo.

"Darling, it is not like you think it is." Trevor’s mind raced trying to think of the best way to explain to her.

"You don’t know what I think! You don’t know how humiliated I feel!" She paced up and down a couple of times then whirled back to him.

"A woman comes up to us and your friends and implies she is carrying your child!" She fumed. "OUR child she said! Yours and hers!"

"It was to help the Neumites…" Trevor began.

"WHAT? Help the Neumites by screwing some tart?" She shook her head unbelieving what she heard. "Did you check to see if she had a disease or something?"

"She was chosen by the Neumites for me to impregnate…" Gina again interrupted him.

"So she came from some dirty brothel!" She looked horrified. "And you had the gall to make love to me last night?"

"She didn’t come from any brothel…"

"We have all heard of Gina," Gina mimicked. "Yes! And they are all laughing at me behind our backs."

"Darling…" Again, he was interrupted.

"Don’t darling me, Trevor. I have been thinking a lot about all this Neumite thing. I want no part of it. I’m not a clone and I don’t fit in here." She looked at him with her eyes blazing. "I want to go back to Earth and my home."

"We can have a good life here. Together." Trevor argued. Gina sat down and clasped her hands in her lap. She breathed deeply, then looked up at him.

"We can’t, Trevor," she said calmly. "You can. You don’t have any family on Earth. You have friends like you here with you. I am a misfit. You and your friends will have God knows what powers but I won’t. You will all be out saving the universe but I will be here waiting for you to come back. How could I be happy here? I hate it here." She began to cry quietly.

Trevor thought over what she had said. She was right. She did not fit in with this world or the clones. She would never be happy. He sat down beside her and took her hand in both his.

"I can’t go back to Earth. There is too much at stake. Your life and the lives of all humans are at stake."

"I know," Gina whispered. "We have to let each other go."



Chapter Twenty


The decision to go their separate ways had not been easy. Both knew that any separation would be final and there would be no turning back. Trevor had explained his two acts of infidelity and why at the time he had decided to be unfaithful. Gina understood that had he known he would come up with the plan to program the clones he would never have taken the only option open at that time. By thought transference, Meehun and Neegon both confirmed everything he told her. Meehun even told her of Trevor’s reluctance to betray her trust in him until all other means of finding a solution had failed.

Now they stood before the spire that would transport her to Earth. Meehun stood by the controls looking at his feet while he patiently waited.

Trevor explained to her that she had a choice of returning to the time when they both lay down on the bed to be transported and she would remember nothing of being on Neum or she could return with her memory of all she had experienced intact. However, at least a day will have passed. In the latter case, she may have to explain where she had been.

"Remember that you did not believe me when I told you about my experiences," he told her. "So whether anyone will believe you, should you tell them about this, is very dubious."

"I will tell them I fell asleep in your apartment and when I woke up, you were not there." Gina decided. "It will not be a lie. I will always love you, Trevor, and I want to remember where you are and picture in my mind what you are doing. Even if in time it will seem to be a dream."

"You can stay as long as you want, Gina. You don’t have to go now." Trevor took her into his arms and kissed her deeply. Her response was equally passionate.

"It is best I go now while I am strong," she whispered as she hugged him. Trevor felt the wetness of her tears on his cheek as his own tears fell from his eyes onto her shoulder.


Learning to use the controls of the spires was more difficult than the clones realised. Not only did they need to learn the colour system of numerals but also they had to use their minds to visualise a place they wanted to go. They found that easy enough when visualizing somewhere they had been but not where they hadn’t. Going from the community buildings to their new homes and back again was reasonably simple and that would be the most useful at this time.

Their powers were being enhanced while they slept at night. A team of Neumites had been assigned to this task. The clones did not feel any different as this was being done to them. Trevor explained that the powers would only come into play when needed.

"We are also trying to see if we can help you to transfer thoughts as we do," said Meehun in their minds. "Rohul, one of the team believes it may be possible. At the moment we can read your thoughts and transfer ours to you but you cannot transfer yours to us or to yourselves."

"That would be great!" said Adrian. "We will be able to see what Michelle is thinking while she is in bed!"

"My fantasies would blow your mind," replied Michelle with a laugh.

"You would be able to block any unwanted intrusion," said Meehun. "It is also courteous to respect private thoughts. You will need to learn our ways if you don’t want to upset someone."

"I was just kidding," said Adrian. He felt Meehun had just put him in his place.


Trevor lay on the couch in his lounge thinking. It had been two weeks since Gina left and he missed her. He wondered if she had gotten over the pain of parting. He had seen the tears in her eyes through the tears of his own as she stood facing him beneath the spire. As he watched the green light bathe her body, she had raised her hand in a final farewell, then a second before she disappeared; she raised her left hand and touched the engagement ring he had given her. He was sure she was telling him she would treasure it to remember him. He wished he had something of hers to treasure.

Now Gina had gone, Losin showed herself more frequently. She had deliberately been keeping away while Gina was on Neum. She was the only one that had a little understanding of the human emotion of jealousy. The collective mind of the Neumites did not allow room for such an emotion. It would be like being jealous of oneself. After that first incident, Baheen also had kept away. She had not understood what she had done wrong and Losin had done her best to explain.

Losin delighted in telling Trevor of the progress of his child. Her happiness radiated from her as she told him how the unborn child was bonding with her mind and how he was developing inside her. Baheen, though now a little wary, also enthusiastically informed Trevor of their child’s progress but usually when she was alone with Trevor.

The Neumites were providing clothing to fit clones. They had followed the clone’s instructions for preferred styles different from the one style that the Neumites were accustomed to wearing. Much to the women’s delight, they now had three changes of clothes and underwear that they felt comfortable in. Trevor informed them that they would also need clothes suitable for working in.

The clones had mastered the technique of using the spires and could now transport themselves without assistance to places they had been before. The enhancement of their powers was complete but the Neumites were still working on giving them the ability of thought transference. Rohul believed it was this that prevented them from transporting to places they had never been.

"You must have this ability if you are to travel to other worlds," Meehun had explained. "It would be so much easier than for us to take you each time."

Trevor wondered if Rohul and his team would be successful. He stood up and stretched. Time for bed, he thought, and made his way up the stairs to the bedroom.


"So there are more of your kind." The croaky voice sounded in the heads of the seven human clones that surrounded the huge brain that was the Scuddar. "Have you come to study me or to destroy me?"

"What do you care? You are finished anyway," said Trevor.

"These other beings have studied me but not harmed me. You almost destroyed me."

"You were a menace to intelligent life. What I did was to protect that life."

"My kind is superior to those that remain. We were billions of intelligent life forms all joined as one. You destroyed them all They lived until you came."

"But they had no will of their own. They were your servants. Your slaves."

"As you will be the servants and slaves of my kind one day." The portion of the brain that pulsed with a red glow brightened. "My offspring will consume you."

"How many offspring do you have?"

"More than these other beings know of. Their feeble attempts to access my mind discovered only those that are destined to die anyway. The ones on worlds that have no intelligent life."

"We will find them all." Trevor turned to the other clones.

"Block the Scuddar from access." He said.

"Do you think it was telling the truth?" asked Charles after the clones closed their minds from the Scuddar’s.

"Why should it lie?" Adrian shook his head. "It had no reason to lie."

"I couldn’t sense anything that would indicate it was lying." Joseph looked at each one of them. "I was concentrating on it’s emotions. I sensed some confidence in it. I’m not sure but I think I also sensed amusement."

"It is still weak but getting stronger," said Stephanie. "It is afraid of us but I sensed it is hiding something from us."

Angela spoke up. "It’s as if it deliberately let the Neumites know about the seeds they found in order to hide the whereabouts of its other seeds."

"We have to access its memory if we can," replied Trevor. "When I say, "Now", we all concentrate on getting into its memory. Unblock access."

The clones turned their attention back to the Scuddar.

"Now!" Trevor said. Seven minds entered the Scuddar’s at once. Each one concentrating and gleaning as much information from the helpless brain it could find in the Scuddar’s memory.

The glowing red portion pulsed faster and brighter as the Scuddar tried to fight against the sudden onslaught. Then, the glow dulled and the pulsing slowed.

For several minutes, the clone’s minds probed and searched the brain of the Scuddar, then Trevor commanded then to stop.

"Block access," he said. He waited until they had all withdrawn from the Scuddar’s mind an blocked it’s access to theirs.

"What have you got?" he asked. He had discovered that there could be four seeds that were unknown to the Neumites.

Joseph was the first to reply. "I got four impressions of advanced Scuddar seeds."

"I got four, too," said Michelle. The others all agreed that four advanced seeds could be in existence.

"I couldn’t find out where they are, though," said Angela. "How can we find out?"

"We can find out from your minds." Neegon’s voice came to them. "That information is now in your memories."

The Neumites access to the Scuddar’s mind was still limited. Now they had enhanced the clones abilities and their thought transference the humans could go deeper than the Neumites could. At the same time, the Neumites could delve into the clones minds deeper than the humans could.

"Then we will leave that to you Neumites to discover what you can from us." Trevor replied.