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SCUDDAR Chapters 001 & 002
SCUDDAR chapters 003 & 004
SCUDDAR Chapters 005 & 006
SCUDDAR Chapters 007 & 008. WARNING contains sexual explict scenes!
SCUDDAR. Chapters 009 & 010. WARNING! Chapter 009 contains sexually explicit material.
SCUDDAR Chapters 011 & 012
SCUDDAR Chapters 013 & 014
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Chapter Fifteen.

Trevor had just finished his evening meal when the communicator buzzed. He jumped up and went to it. Was it Gina? He thought. Answering the call, the face that appeared on the screen was that of one of the clones whom he recognised as Adrian Harwell.

"Mr. Donegan," he began. Trevor interrupted him. "Trevor," he corrected.

"Trevor, my name’s Adrian. I had a very interesting experience yesterday that I believe you know about." Trevor could see Adrian studying his face for any indication of surprise or other reaction.

"You heard voices in your head, right?"

"Yes, I did. You said that would happen. But I was also taken on a ride to several planets."

"You saw cities in ruins and devoid of people, right?" Trevor felt he needed to show that he knew what Adrian had experienced. He remembered his own confusion when he first heard Neegon speaking in his head.

"That’s right," replied Adrian. "Is that for real or was it just a dream or vision that had been fed into my mind?"

"It’s for real, all right. You and the five others that were with you in the ward are the only ones privileged to have this knowledge, apart from me, of course. The seven of us are… special."

"Something about special latent powers we possess, I understand."

"That’s right. Powers that you can’t use without the help of the people that talked to you," said Trevor. The communicator beeped. Someone else was calling him. "Can you hold for a minute, Adrian?" Adrian nodded and Trevor pressed a button. A woman’s face appeared on the screen. He recognised her as another one of the six clones, Stephanie Wilcox the architect.

"Hello, Stephanie," Trevor greeted her with a smile. "You want some answers to your experience, am I right?"

"Yes. I am confused."

"I will call you back and make arrangements to explain everything," said Trevor. He thought it would be better to explain to all six at once than do it individually. He got back to Adrian.

"Adrian, I will call you later and make arrangements to meet you all and explain everything, okay?"

"Okay. I just had Joseph Leech call me. He wants answers too." He cut the connection.

Trevor needed to contact Meehun to find out how much the clones had learned from the Neumites.


"We took them on the tour of civilisations that had been consumed by the Scuddar. We explained that Earth was in danger as well as all intelligent life and told them how their powers could help to stop the menace," Meehun answered Trevor’s question. "We also briefly told them of your plan and how you had helped us. As far as we could tell from their minds, they all seem willing to help."

"I am meeting them tonight to answer their questions," said Trevor. "I am anxious to get going on this as soon as possible." Time was running out for Trevor. Gardner would be returning in a couple of days and would want to know why the six clones had priority over the others. There was also his promise to Gina that he would give her the proof she wanted. That was the only thing that really worried him. He would have to trick her to prove he was not lying to her.

"We can understand your haste, Trevor," Meehun said. "We are ready when you are."

"What about the other part of the plan?" asked Trevor. "Are there any problems with that?"

"As far as we are concerned there are no problems. If you decide there is something that you are concerned about, then we can change the plan. We are helping in that respect only because we owe you so much."

"Thanks, Meehun. I appreciate that."


The first to arrive was Michelle; a stunning redhead programmed to be a physicist. She accepted a glass of synthetic wine from Trevor and sat down in an armchair.

"The others should be here soon," said Trevor. He noticed how elegantly she crossed her legs and smiled. A hint of lipstick emphasised her full lips. Femininity just oozed from her. It had always amazed him how, in just a day of being created, the clones had traits that born humans took years to acquire. The other five clones arrived within minutes of each other.

Trevor greeted each one as they entered. A diverse group, each a specialist in his or her field of work. There were Michelle--physicist, Joseph--space researcher, Angela--synthetic food analyst, Charles--electronics engineer, Adrian--mechanics engineer and Stephanie--architect.

"I know you all have questions to ask me," Trevor said looking at each one as he spoke. "But first let me explain why you have been chosen and what we, as a team, hope to achieve." He went on to explain that by accident, he had latent powers installed in his brain. These powers were discovered by the Neumites in their search for help to save all intelligent life in the universe from the Scuddar, a creature than fed on intelligent life forms that became Scuddar once they were absorbed. He told them his own experiences on the two planets he had been taken to.

"All of you have the same powers that I have but like mine, they are latent and need to be enhanced in order for you to use them. The Neumites can and will do this but only with your cooperation." He gazed at them and saw he had their full attention. "Any questions so far?"

Charles was the first to speak. "These powers we have. Was this due to an accident with our programming?"

"No, I deliberately installed them by copying mine and uploading them into your brains."

"Why did you do that?" Stephanie asked.

"Because I believe that, like me, you would want to save the human race from certain destruction. We are clones but still human. You have seen what happens to civilisations that have been attacked by the Scuddar."

"And if we refuse?" asked Adrian.

"If you refuse, you will just carry on doing what you were programmed to do. In your case you will work as a mechanical engineer for The World Government."

"These planets you mentioned," said Joseph. "They can sustain human life?"

"Yes, they can. I have lived on two."

"Then why haven’t you informed The World Government?"

"Two reasons. Our technology is not sufficiently advanced to reach these planets and therefore will remain inaccessible. The other reason is that they would not believe me if I told them. If you decide not to help, then you can try telling The World Government if you wish. The worst that can happen is they will erase your mind and reprogram you."

The questions went on for an hour until finally they were convinced.

"So we all agree to do this?" Trevor asked. All the clones confirmed they agreed.

"In that case, the Neumites are ready to take you to the planet Neum right away."

Joseph stood up. "You mean right now? Physically? How can they do that?"

"They will use their technology which is entirely different from our own. You will be there within an hour of their commencing."


Chapter Sixteen.


Trevor went to the communicator and called Gina. Her face appeared on the screen and his heart leaped. Just the sight of her face made him realise how much he loved her.

"Hello Trevor," she said coolly.

"Gina, how are you? I have missed you so much." Her coolness did not deter him.

"I’ve missed you too, Trevor. I thought you would have called before now."

"My love, I have the proof for you now. Can you come over right away?"

Gina was silent for a moment then replied. "Why can’t you come here?"

"I have people here. People that will prove what I have told you is the truth." He moved the screen to show more of the room so that she could see for herself. The six clones were gathered and chatting quietly among themselves.

Gina considered for a few moments more. "Very well, Trevor. I will be there in about fifteen minutes," she replied. "I hope I won’t be wasting my time, Trevor." She cut the connection before Trevor could answer.

Trevor stood staring at the blank screen and wondered if he was doing the right thing. He had never experienced such coolness from Gina and he didn’t like it one bit. He would rather a quarrel than that. He turned away and joined the group.

"My fiancée will be here in a few minutes," he told them. "I am hoping she will join us when we go to Neum." He explained the problem he had with Gina and her disbelief that he was being truthful to her.

"There is only one bed here so we can’t all go together. Two at a time at the most," said Trevor. He turned to Joseph. "I’d like you to be one of the last. Your profession might help in persuading her."

"If I can help, I will do my best," replied Joseph.

"I’ll contact Meehun now," he told them. He sat down and opened his mind to reach Meehun.

"We are ready, Trevor. Two of us will be there as soon as you let us know when to begin. We can’t use the spires to bring you all here. No spire is tuned to your friend’s molecules. We have to do it the way we first brought you here."

"This place is crowded already," replied Trevor.

"Just keep an area clear for us," said Meehun "We are in constant touch with your minds."

Trevor turned to the group. "Meehun said…" he began.

Adrian interrupted him. "I heard it all," he said. The others confirmed they too, had heard the conversation in their minds.

"This is amazing," exclaimed Angela, "almost scary!"


"You get used to it after a while," said Trevor.

Gina arrived at that moment. Trevor answered the door and let her in. He introduced her to the clones then explained to her that they had all experienced contact with the Neumites.

"Yes, we have indeed," said Joseph. "We are all going to the planet tonight."

Gina looked skeptical. "Did Trevor put you up to this?" she asked. She sensed them all looking at her. "You are his friends, aren’t you?"

Michelle came over to her. "We are all new clones. This is our first meeting outside The World Population Centre. Why would we lie about this?"

Gina flushed at the confrontation. "Trevor said he had proof. I expected more solid proof than just words. What kind of spaceship is going to take you there?"

"The proof is coming. Gina," said Trevor. "In the form of aliens that are going to take us to their planet. I want you to come too." He concentrated on Meehun. "We are ready."

There was a sudden popping sound and two male Neumites appeared in the room. Trevor recognised one of them as the male that he had met in the bathing pool. It was this one that spoke.

"Trevor, we are ready to transport your friends now," he said. "Which two are first?"

"I’ll go first," said Adrian, stepping forward. Charles joined him.

"I’ll go with Adrian." "What do we do?"

The Neumite explained they would need to lie down and sleep. "It will only take a short time," he said.

Adrian and Charles went into the bedroom and lay on the bed. The rest crowded in the doorway to see what was going on. Trevor made sure that Gina had a good view.

The two clones were asleep in seconds. The Neumites took hold of the hands of the sleeping clones. The popping sound came again and the clones and the Neumites were gone. The

They all stared at the empty bed.

"I wonder what made that popping sound," mused Joseph.

"Most likely it is the sudden displacement of air filling the vacuum left when they disappeared," said Michelle.

The two Neumites reappeared before anyone could offer further ideas.

"Who is next?" asked one of them.

"How about Stephanie and Angela?" said Michelle.

"Suits me," said Angela. Stephanie joined her. They too, disappeared in a few seconds after lying down. Again the aliens returned after a few moments.

Only four humans remained in the apartment. The two Neumites waited for the next two to be transported.

"Michelle and Joseph are next," said Trevor.

"No, wait," Michelle said. She walked up to Trevor and faced him.

"I want to see if Gina is going," said Michelle. "If she’s not, I want to go with you." She turned her back on Trevor and fixed Gina with a look that said, ‘You have competition, honey.’

The aliens appearing and disappearing with the clones, then returning again bewildered Gina. Her confused mind had been trying to understand what was going on. Desperately trying to see if it was all a trick. Michelle’s statement halted the thoughts that were whirling through her head.

She turned to look at and notice Michelle for the first time. Her eyes swept over her from head to toe then back again, taking in every detail in one sweeping look. She had seen female clones many times before. All were flawlessly beautiful and had exquisite figures, a requirement of The World Government. Michelle was no exception but she had something in addition to beauty and a perfect figure. She had sensuality and she didn’t mind displaying it. Gina did not mistake the meaning in the look Michelle gave her.

She glanced at Trevor and could see he was surprised. She knew him well enough to know that he hadn’t expected Michelle to say what she did. Gina felt she was on a spot and had to make a decision right then. She turned to Trevor, tossed her hair over her shoulder with a flick of her head.

"Do you want to go with me or with her?" she asked, looking squarely into his eyes.

"I want you to come with me, Gina," he replied without hesitation. He wanted it to be her decision.

"Then I will go with you." She looked back at Michelle. A flash of triumph showed momentarily in her eyes.

"Then that settles it," Michelle said, smiling sweetly. "Joseph and I go last." Still smiling, she turned back to Trevor and winked.