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SCUDDAR chapters 003 & 004
SCUDDAR Chapters 005 & 006
SCUDDAR Chapters 007 & 008. WARNING contains sexual explict scenes!
SCUDDAR. Chapters 009 & 010. WARNING! Chapter 009 contains sexually explicit material.
SCUDDAR Chapters 011 & 012
SCUDDAR Chapters 013 & 014
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WARNING! Chapter 009 contains sexually explicit scenes. Read only if you are over 18 years of age and do not object to such material.


Chapter Nine


Trevor sat in the lounge of his temporary home thinking of the coming ceremony. He had questioned Losin about it as she had said there were no marriages among her people. She explained the ceremony was for those that entered the copulation rooms for the first time and was to bless the couple. The rooms were regarded as holy places. He had not seen any indication of religion practiced among the people, which surprised him. They seemed to be the kind of people that would be inclined to worship a god. They were clean, hard-working and gentle people with feelings for others. Maybe that is one of the positive sides of being a collective mind, he thought.

Trevor was surprised at how quickly the afternoon passed and Neegon arrived to take him to the last meal of the day. He had some clothing in his arms.

"You will need to bathe before the meal," Neegon told him. "The ceremony begins immediately following the meal." He handed Trevor the clothes. A red blouse and white pants of the same style as all the people wore. The blouse had an intricate, embroidered pattern that was very different from the patterns on the other blouses he had seen.

"Your ceremony clothes," explained Neegon. "We had them made for you."

Neegon took him to a bathing pool. This one was a smaller one than he had used before and no others were there. Trevor slipped out of his tunic and pants and entered the pool. The water had been scented. He bathed quickly, toweled himself dry and reached for the pants. He smiled as he saw they had made them big enough to fit him. He slipped on the blouse and turned to Neegon.

"How do I look?" he asked.

"Perfect," replied Neegon, smiling. "I will take your own clothes back to your home later."

They walked the short distance to the dining room. It was unusually full. Trevor began to walk to the tables that were laden with the fruits the people chose their meals from but Neegon stopped him.

"Your meal is already waiting," he said. He led the way to a table where Losin, Baheen and Meehun sat where meals were already placed on the table. A space beside Baheen was empty and Neegon indicated that was where Trevor should sit. As he sat down, Trevor glanced around the dining room. Everyone seemed to be looking at him and smiling. The ones that caught his eye touched their foreheads. The attention made him feel uncomfortable.

He looked at Baheen. She wore a flower in her auburn hair, which fell in soft waves to her shoulders. Her green blouse had the same intricate pattern as the one he wore. Her brown eyes were bright as she returned his gaze and smiled. He could smell the delicate scent of the perfume she wore.

"Let us eat," said Meehun loudly to the room. All at once, the room was filled with the chatter of the people as they began to eat.

Trevor’s plate contained a number of small fruits that he not eaten before as was Baheen’s. He tasted one and found it sweet and quite palatable. The others were eating the usual fruits.

Ceremonial meal for the couple. Losin’s thought came into his mind. Enjoy it.

Trevor realised Losin had sensed his thoughts and she needed to explain.

No more was said about the ceremony while they ate. They were almost finished eating when Trevor noticed the people were beginning to leave the room more hurriedly than before as if intent on getting somewhere. Finally only those at Trevor’s table remained.

"Have you eaten sufficient?" Meehun asked Baheen. She affirmed she had. Turning to Trevor, he asked the same question. Trevor also affirmed he had eaten enough.

"Then we will proceed to the Copulation Room." He stood up and led the way out of the dining room and into the road. People, many carrying bouquets of colourful flowers, lined both sides of the narrow road. They were all smiling and began to chant in their native language. Meehun led, followed by Baheen and Trevor, with Neegon and Losin at the rear. They walked between the two lines of chanting people that ended at the entrance to a small building.

Meehun turned and faced them, his arms outstretched.

"May the couple be fruitful!" The three hundred or so people repeated the words and threw their bouquets at Baheen and Trevor’s feet.

Baheen smiled with delight and kept repeating, "Wonderful! Wonderful!" She turned to Trevor, her dark brown eyes bright with happiness, looked into his. He smiled back at her. He was already becoming aroused at the thought he would be making love to her. Was he that lustful? he thought.

Meehun threw open the door of the building.

"Enter!" he said. He stood aside to let them pass. When they entered, he closed the door behind them.

Trevor looked around the room. Colorful blooms hung on the walls. In the center of the room was a circular bed. The cover was shiny and red with the intricate pattern in green. The ceiling glowed with a soft a warm pink. The only other furniture was a table with a basket of the small fruit they had just eaten in the dining room and two bowls with a fluid in them.

Baheen’s eyes were wide with wonder as they took in all the details. She turned to Trevor.

"Isn’t it beautiful?" she said excitedly.

"Yes, it is," replied Trevor. "So are you." He had never been so filled with desire as he was at this moment. Baheen stood looking at him. Her breathing labored and her eyes displaying desire. Trevor knew she was waiting for him to make a move. How was he supposed to make love? What was the right way with these people? The sight of her standing before him, obviously as turned on as he was, was too much. To hell with it, he thought, My way!

"Baheen, we will make love my way," he said. He went to her and put his arms around her. At first she showed surprised but did not object. His lips closed on hers and his tongue forced it’s way into her mouth and played with hers. At first she didn’t respond then her tongue returned the play. He sucked her tongue into his mouth as his hands stroked her back. Pulled away, he looked into her eyes. Her smile and her eyes showed interest.

"A kiss?" she asked. Trevor smiled and nodded.

"Different from how Losin did it," she said.

"There are many ways," said Trevor hoarsely. He kissed her again and gently sucked her lip. One hand moved from her back to cup her breast. He was already erect and was sure Baheen could feel his hardness pressing against her.

He picked her up, carried her to the bed and lay her down. Now her chest heaved as she looked up at him. His hands held her waist before moving slowly upward to her breasts, then to her shoulders. With a sudden movement, he ripped her blouse from her exposing her breast to his view. They were fuller than Losin’s. He looked at Baheen’s face. Her wide eyes showed just a little puzzlement at his roughness.

Leaning over her, he kissed her lips gently. He moved to her ear, nibbling and licking it, his tongue tracing the folds. His tongue traced a line to her slender neck, then to her shoulder. He was battling himself to be patient. The throbbing in his loins demanding he hurry but he wanted to prolong this prelude as long as possible.

Continuing his exploration with his tongue, he moved to her chest then slowly down the valley between her breasts while his fingers lightly caressed her arms. A shiver coursed through her and yet he still tortured himself by taking his time. Moving to her right breast, he teased it with his lips, pinching it, coaxing it to hardness. The moving to her left breast he repeated the teasing. When it was erect he gently took it between his teeth and pulled at it.

Baheen moaned, her head moving from side to side and her fingers grasped the red cover of the bed. Trevor turned his attention to her right breast, his teeth plucking her nipple, letting it go and plucking again. Baheen’s cheek pressed into her hair as she fought with herself not to cry out with pleasure. She felt her juices seeping into her pants. As agonizing as the waiting was, she also wanted it to continue.

Trevor wanted to bite on her nipple hard but instead his mouth opened and closed over her breast. His tongue pressed the hard pebble into the soft flesh before sucking hard and drawing it into his mouth.

Baheen gasped and raised her hands to her head, her fingers entwined in her hair as a shudder of pleasure rippled through her, forcing another moan from her lips. She wanted to scream at Trevor to take her but she didn’t know how he would react to her interfering.

Trevor stood up and gripping her hips, he pulled her so her legs were over the edge of the bed and her feet on the floor. He undid her belt and began to pull her pants over her hips. Baheen helped by raising her hips. Trevor almost ripped them off and discarded them, then removed his own clothing. His member, freed from restraint sprang erect. His hand closed around it and he began to stroke the throbbing organ. He had never known it to be so hard, so large.

He looked at Baheen. She was supporting her weight on her elbows and looking at his hand as he stroked. Her breath hissing between her teeth as her chest heaved with passion and desire. His eyes moved lower to see the dark triangle of pubic hair. It glistened with her moisture. Even as he watched a trickle dripped onto the cover of the bed making a dark wet stain.

He dropped to his knees and forced her legs apart. With his thumbs, he parted the wet lips of her vagina. The pink, glistening flesh almost called out to him to taste her sweetness but still he waited.

He bent his head forward and nuzzled the dark bush of hair, breathing in the scent of her. Suddenly, he thrust his tongue into her. He heard Baheen gasp and fall back onto the bed. His tongue plunged in and out of her rapidly several times then suddenly stopped.

Baheen wondered if he was now going to take her. She longed to feel him penetrate her. Instead, his mouth closed on her again. His tongue had found her clitoris. She felt it flicking the erect bud and a moment later, his teeth closed over it. He bit gently but it was enough to bring another orgasm ripping through her.

He stood up again and Baheen raised her head to see what he was going to do next. He was again slowly stroking his erection. She wondered if she could accept such a large member into her. This man was bigger and more muscular than any man of her people.

Her juices flowed copiously as he bent forward and slowly inserted the head into her. Her inner muscles involuntary contracted then relaxed to accept him. She wanted him to thrust in deep and hard but he stopped just as the tip was inside her. "What are you waiting for?" her mind screamed. To her dismay and disappointment, he withdrew from her.

Baheen felt his strong hands grasp her hips and she was tossed over, face down. Effortlessly, she was lifted so she was kneeling on the edge of the bed with her head pressed down to the bed. She gasped as he began to enter her again. Once more, he paused when the head of his organ was just inside her. She waited for him to withdraw but instead he rammed into her hard and fast. The suddenness wrenched a scream from her. She was surprised that it was a mixture of pain and pleasure. She bit hard on her lip as another orgasm shuddered through her tense body.

Trevor held Baheen’s hips as he watched his organ thrusting in and out of her. His shaft was glistening with her lubricating juices. As he commenced a rhythmic movement, he heard the sound of his hips slapping her bottom as he plunged in and the wet sucking sounds as he withdrew. He heard the moans Baheen made each time he thrust deep. The sounds added to his pleasure of having her.

He reached around her and his fingers searched for her clitoris. Finding it, he rubbed hard in a circular motion bringing screams of pleasure from Baheen. Her internal muscles gripped him tight and her body shuddered uncontrollably over and again.

It triggered something inside Trevor and he came. His juice spurted into Baheen in a series of spasms that seemed to go on and on affecting every nerve of his body. He kept thrusting until the spasms ceased. Panting heavily, he withdrew and fell on the bed beside Baheen.

Baheen was dimly aware that Trevor was lying beside her. She realized she had almost passed out with the pleasure she had just experienced. Her breath rasping in her throat as she remained on her knees in the position Trevor had placed her.

Slowly she moved and allowed herself to collapse on the bed. She opened her eyes to look at Trevor. What kind of man is this? she wondered as she looked at him. Her eyes moved over his muscular body. His eyes were closed but his chest still heaved with the exertion he had expended. Looking lower, she saw he was still erect. That was to be expected. When they had rested a little, they would both be ready for another lovemaking session. The fruits they had eaten ensured that. But can my body stand another session like that? His kind of lovemaking is unheard of. She looked again at Trevor’s genitals. She knew no Neumite male had an organ as large as his. He would hurt any Neumite female like he hurt me, but the pleasure is worth the pain.

Instinctively feeling Baheen’s eyes on him, Trevor opened his slowly and turned his head toward her. She was lying on her side looking at him with curiosity. His breathing had calmed and he returned her gaze.

"What’s wrong?" he asked. He remembered he had hurt Losin and he had not been as gentle with Baheen. He was aware his throbbing member was still erect. That was something that surprised him.

"Do all Earthmen copulate like you do?" Baheen asked.

"We call it making love," he replied, "but to answer your question, I don’t know if all men do it the same." He had never watched another man making love but he knew that at least many men were just as adventurous as he was when having a woman. Although he was a clone and had been in existence for only five years, he was no different to any other man with passions.

"We understood you were shy at being seen naked," said Baheen. "Yet you don’t seem to be shy now."

Trevor laughed. They must all know by now that walking around naked in public was not the usual thing for the people of Earth. They had a collective mind and, what one knew, all knew, unless blocked as Losin had blocked their time on the island.

"It depends on the situation," Trevor explained. "I think it stems from early religious beliefs and what was considered as decent."

Baheen was lying facing him with one hand between her thighs and the other as a rest for her head. Her dark hair, now ruffled and untidy, cascaded over one shoulder. The flower that had decorated her hair looked a little worse for wear and was almost ready to fall off, only the short stem still clung to a few strands. Trevor reached up and pulled it away. He sniffed its perfume and carefully put the flower aside on the bed.

Baheen smiled. She had seen him as a man that was strong and almost ruthless. He had done things no Neumite could have done as easily. His body was hard and muscular. He copulated brutally and yet he could be so gentle with a simple flower. She wondered what other contrasting qualities he had.

She reached out and ran her fingers over his chest lightly feeling the contours.

"You are a strange man," she said. Her fingers stroked the hair on his chest for a moment. Neumite men had hairless chests. Her fingers moved down over his stomach. More hair began from his navel, widening and thickening the closer it got to his pubic hair. As she played with his hair, her wrist touched his erect organ. She felt the heat of the engorged member and it drew her attention to it. Her fingers gently explored the ridges and contours of his penis before wrapping around its thick girth. Her hand was too small for her fingers to encircle it. She felt it throbbing in her hand and the heat it radiated seemed incredible. This had been inside her giving her pain and pleasure. She felt herself becoming wet as her juices began to flow at the thought.

"What do your women do when you make love?" she asked.

Trevor had been enjoying Baheen’s exploration. He grinned at her.

"Pretty much what you are doing now," he said. "It depends on how adventurous they are."

"Adventurous? What do you mean?" She pushed herself up, supporting herself with one arm and looked at him. A small frown of curiosity creased her brow.

"They will do whatever they think will please them and their partner," replied Trevor. "Sometimes they will initiate and control the way they make love."

Baheen still looked puzzled so Trevor continued.

"What would you like to do to a man when you make love or… copulate?"

"Copulation is for the purpose of producing offspring," replied Baheen.

"Where I come from it is for pleasure as well. For both sexes and at any time."

"There is pleasure in copulating," said Baheen. "That’s why we eat the fruits to enhance and prolong arousal. It is to ensure the highest possibility of conception."

Baheen’s words made Trevor realize why he was still so aroused and still erect. The fruits were some kind of aphrodisiac. Boy! Would they be useful on Earth! he thought.

"So enjoy it to the full," he replied. "Experiment and do whatever pleases you."


"Anything."  He wondered what she had in mind to do.

Baheen slipped down the bed and kneeling on the floor, she placed herself between Trevor’s legs. With her face just inches away, she carefully examined his organ. She saw the throbbing veins that ran criss-crossing up its length pumping the blood that engorged it. She took his member in her hand and moved it from side to side, as she examined every part of it. The purplish blue gland that was its head throbbed with each of his heartbeat. With a finger, she touched the drop of fluid that oozed from the eye at its tip, smearing it over the head.

Trevor pushed himself into a sitting position to watch her. Her expression was one of wonder and her eyes were wide.

Baheen poked his testicles with a finger. She saw the sac, with a smattering of hair, move as though with a life of its own. It tightened then loosened, moving in different directions as she breathed on it. Gently, she took the sac in her hand to feel the heavy orbs it contained. She knew that they were sensitive and if she squeezed too hard, it would be painful for Trevor. She heard Trevor moan and looked up to see if she had hurt him. His expression was not one of pain but of pleasure.

"I’ve always wanted to see a man’s genitals close up," she said. Her cheeks reddened as she realized what she had said.

"Put it in your mouth," said Trevor, hoarsely.

"What?" Baheen looked at him. Her already wide eyes widening even more.

"Suck it." Trevor reached for her head with one hand and pushed down. "Open your mouth and suck it. Taste it."

Baheen looked at his penis dubiously. Trevor had tasted her. He had plunged his tongue into her and it had given her pleasure. With the tip of her tongue, she licked the head. There was little taste, just a hint of saltiness. She licked again, her tongue circling the throbbing head as more fluid oozed out. She heard Trevor groan with pleasure and she lapped more vigorously, bringing more groans from him. It excited her to know she was giving him pleasure. She felt her juices trickling down her thighs.

She opened her mouth wide and engulfed him. She sucked hard as Trevor groaned even louder and his hand gripped her hair, encouraging her to take him in as far as she could. She gagged as it reached her throat.

"I want to copu… make love," she gasped.

"Make love to me," Trevor whispered. "You get on top."

Baheen scrambled onto the bed, almost slipping off again in her haste.

"How? Tell me how!" she almost screamed. Trevor grabbed her legs and positioned them either side of him.

"There. Make love to me. Take control."

Baheen grasped his shaft and impaled herself. A loud moan issued from her as she felt the thick shaft go deep into her center. Trevor held her waist and encouraged her to move up and down.

Baheen leaned forward, her hands on Trevor’s shoulders, and moved to the rhythm he had commenced. She looked down and could see his member sliding in and out of her, her copious juices flowing over Trevor’s pubic hair and testicles. She discovered that by moving her hips she could feel the hard rod probing various places inside her. One place in particular caused an orgasm to shudder through her almost instantly. She varied the pace from moving very slow to rapidly riding his shaft in frenzy, all the while gasping and screaming at the pleasure she was giving herself.

Trevor’s own moans and groans mingled with hers as he thrust his hips to match her rhythms. Before his eyes, Baheen’s breasts bounced and swung with her every movement. He reached up and grasped them in his hands, mauling them when she rode him fast and squeezing gently when she slowed.

He felt the familiar feeling rising within him and tried to hold it back but it was too much. He gave a shout as he erupted like a volcano, his hot juice spurting into her. His body shuddered uncontrollably as each spurt shot from him.

Baheen screamed as she felt him come in her and continued to ride him with new vigor. She was not finished yet. She knew she could have another of these beautiful orgasms. Her mind concentrated on her own pleasure and satisfaction. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she rode him the way she wanted. Finally, she threw her head back and gave long drawn out moan. Her body shivered and shook violently as her orgasm seared through her.

Her movements slowed and stopped but she remained impaled as she waited for her panting to subside. She looked at Trevor, smiled and collapsed on top of him. Trevor began to withdraw from her.

"No, leave it there for a while," she whispered. Then added, "Please?"



Chapter Ten


Meehun threw open the door of the Copulation Room and entered. Baheen and Trevor were already dressed and waiting. During the night they had copulated five times and now the effects of the fruit had worn of and both were tired, not a little sore but very satisfied.

Meehun beamed with smiles as he approached. "The morning meal is waiting," he said. "Was the night successful?"

"It was for me," replied Trevor. He looked at Baheen.

"It was very successful, Meehun," she confirmed. Meehun’s smiles grew even broader. He led them out of the room into the street where the crowd had gathered. Neegon and Losin greeted them, both smiling and seemed to be in exceptionally good moods.

"It is a time for rejoicing," said Neegon. "We have all waited to eat the morning meal with you both." The crowd made way for them as he turned and led the way to the dining rooms. Everyone seemed happy, especially the women. Trevor assumed that was natural. Most women, even those on Earth, liked the idea of one of them becoming pregnant.

You did very well, Trevor. Very well, Losin’s clear thought came to Trevor.

How do you know? he asked.

You didn’t tell me to leave your mind .Remember?

You mean you were there all the time, seeing it all through my mind? He looked at Losin without smiling. She smiled sweetly as she met his look.

Not only through yours, through Baheen’s mind too.

Isn’t that an invasion of privacy? he asked.

No, I had your permission to be in your mind and Baheen had the option of blocking hers but decided not to block the women. All the women that wanted to experienced what she did. Losin replied, her smile widening. I was fortunate to be able to share the experiences of both of you. You did wonderfully well and so did Baheen.

Trevor glanced at the crowd again. The women all seemed to be looking at only him.

I think you have started something new here. The women have something to teach the men.

They reached the dining room, chose their meals and sat down. When the meal was finished, Meehun turned to Trevor.

"We have learned of two more Scuddar seeds. Like the other, they are in the early stages and are no danger. It will be a few years before we are concerned about their development."

"What about the Scuddar?" asked Trevor. "Is it healing?"

"The Scuddar can only use a part of its brain. It is too badly damaged to heal and has little control but the part that is operating is getting stronger. We are monitoring it constantly and learning from it."

Trevor recalled the Scuddar’s words. You are the destroyer. The accusation bothered him.

"So my job is done here," said Trevor.

"Essentially, yes. We can return you to your home planet whenever you wish."

"It would be good to get home again," said Trevor. "But it would also be good to know if your people and mine can learn from each other."

"We have been discussing this among ourselves. Our respective technologies are quite different. We have taken different roads of progression and evolution. It will take many years for us to understand how we can assist each other. However, we are ready to open the door and would like you to be the negotiator. Can that be arranged with your people?"

Trevor did not have any special influence on Earth and could not see how he would be able to convince The World Government that aliens required him to be the one to negotiate between the two civilizations.

"Why can’t you send Neegon or go yourself and present an offer to The World Government?"

Meehun looked at Neegon and Losin meaningfully.

"To be frank, Trevor, we don’t trust your people in general. We already know that most have no qualms about misleading others. We have learned that, even over thousands of years, your people have still not controlled their greed. They still allow jealousy, deception and desire for power to influence their lives. They do not have real honor bred into them as we do. However, you and other clones have not had these bad traits programmed into your brains. We trust you and we believe your World Government will trust you rather than any one of us."

"You flatter me," said Trevor. "But, how can I convince the government of Earth?

"We have thought of that too. We will start small and progress from small beginnings. Your space technology is not advanced enough to reach Neum; therefore, travel between our two worlds will depend on our technology, which is beyond your scientists’ comprehension at present. As a gift, we will offer them one spire that we will erect so that members of your World Government can visit Neum and see for themselves what we are like and that we are sincere. You will be the one to offer them that opportunity."

Trevor looked at Neegon and Losin who had been listening without interrupting. Now Neegon spoke.

"We can, of course enter the minds of various members of your people to assist their understanding. We will be able to talk to them as we talked to you."

"We don’t want to do that too often, though," Losin said. "Your people have a tendency to be suspicious."

"Don’t you people have any bad traits?" Trevor asked. He was listening to them run humans down but surely, they had dishonest people too.

"We have had individuals try to do bad things in the past. We have a collective mind, they cannot hide and we block them from our minds. They soon realize the terrible loneliness of being cut off from the rest of us." Meehun and the rest fell silent for a moment as though thinking of such a thing happening to them personally.

"It would be a terrible punishment to endure. I don’t think anyone could stand that for long," said Neegon.

"There is another thing that has to be taken into consideration," said Meehun, changing the subject. "That is the point of time that you wish to return to. We can return you to any moment between the time you left Earth to the time you leave here. That will then be your "present". If you return to the moment we brought you here, you will remember nothing of your stay with us."

"It will be as though nothing happened," added Losin. Think hard and think carefully, Trevor. Losin said in his mind. He had still not asked her to leave his mind.

Trevor mulled over in his mind what Meehun had said. If he returned to the point he left Earth, Gina would not worry about him and everything would be fine. If he went back to the present point, he would remember all but had to explain his disappearance to some very skeptic people. There might even be a chance they will erase his memory and re-program his brain. Meehun was right about the traits of humans in general, especially those in power.

"Let me think about this for a while," he told them. "I want to be sure I make the right decision."

"Excellent idea," said Meehun. "Take as long as you wish. In a day or two we will know if Baheen is pregnant. If so, that will be two of our women impregnated."

"Two?" asked Trevor.

"I have a new life in my body," answered Losin. She entered his mind again. I am pregnant with your child, Trevor. As soon as I knew, I told them as I said I would.

You didn’t tell me? Trevor asked. He couldn’t believe that she would tell the people before telling him.

You are returning to your world. Returning to Gina. I didn’t want you to feel any more guilt than you already feel. I didn’t expect Meehun to mention it.

You could be wrong. It has only been two days," said Trevor. "How can you know so soon?

I am not wrong. His brain is developing already. Joining with mine. Joining with everyone. You don’t understand what it means to have a collective mind.

"You are going to have a son, Trevor," she said aloud. Her face beamed happily.

"Perhaps two," added Meehun excitedly, looking at Baheen. "We will know soon."

Baheen and Losin were looking at each other. Both had smiles on their faces. Trevor wondered what was going on between them. He guessed they were having a private mental conversation. Women’s talk, I suppose, he thought.

Yes. Private women’s talk, said Losin in his mind.

"We have much work to do," exclaimed Neegon. "Take all the time you need to think, Trevor Donegan. Perhaps you will want to know if Baheen will bear a male or a female child for you."

He and Meehun got up from the table.

"Losin or Baheen will take you wherever you want to go," Meehun told Trevor.