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SCUDDAR Chapters 001 & 002
SCUDDAR chapters 003 & 004
SCUDDAR Chapters 005 & 006
SCUDDAR Chapters 007 & 008. WARNING contains sexual explict scenes!
SCUDDAR. Chapters 009 & 010. WARNING! Chapter 009 contains sexually explicit material.
SCUDDAR Chapters 011 & 012
SCUDDAR Chapters 013 & 014
SCUDDAR Chapters 015 & 016
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SCUDDAR. A sci-fi story.
WARNING! Chapter 008 contains sexually explicit scenes. Do not read if you are under 18 years of age or if you object to such material.

Chapter Seven


It took two days to transport all the people and what little equipment and supplies they had to Lasna, the capital city of the planet Neum, with the use of the spires. Trevor couldn’t get over how these spires broke up the molecules and atoms of anything that was bathed in the green beam and rebuilt them in another place.

Some of the people returned to their own cities and homes. Others, like Trevor, had the choice of many thousands of empty homes to live in. He chose one close to the hub of the wheel-like city. Not knowing how long his stay on Lasna would be, Neegon and Meehun had suggested he use one of the empty homes.

It was a simple, circular building, similar in shape to a mushroom. It consisted of two rooms, one above the other, connected by a staircase built along the wall of the lower floor. The lower room was a lounge containing a table and four chairs and what Trevor assumed was a couch. On close examination, the furniture and building appeared to be molded as one piece. There were no cooking facilities. Small circular windows afforded views in all directions.

The upper room, the "head" of the mushroom, was larger. It had two beds, a large one with colorful covers and a bolster. The other a smaller bed, obviously a child’s. In cabinets without doors hung clothing of the style worn by the people he had already seen. In the center of the room, the area below the spire was clear apart from four pillars that supported it. The walls glowed softly, illuminating the rooms with light and eliminating shadows.

The hub of the city was where all the community buildings were. Trevor later found that the people were vegetarians and all ate in the community dining rooms that served a variety of vegetable foods. Although the flavors were strange, Trevor found the food palatable.

Trevor had no time to explore the city further. Meehun was anxious for him to try communicating with the Scuddar, which the Neumites had placed in a large building in the hub of the city, along with the remainder of the yellow threads that clung to it, changing position only occasionally.

As soon as they arrived, Trevor felt a tingling sensation in his head. One portion of the dome pulsed weakly. Trevor noticed the wounds it had received from his attack were rapidly healing.

Have you come to destroy me completely?

The thought was weak but clear. Trevor had thought he would have some difficulty communicating with the Scuddar after it had dismissed him the last time.

"Not at this time," replied Trevor. "These people wish to study you."

Meehun drew close to him as Trevor spoke. “It is communicating?” he asked. Trevor glanced at him and merely nodded a reply.

Their minds are blocked. I have tried to contact them. You are not one of them.

"They have tried to contact you but they say they can’t. Perhaps it is your mind that is blocking them."

No. From the first, their minds were blocked. It has taken a long time trying to reach them. Why do you help them, destroyer?

A frown creased Trevor’s brow at the Scuddar’s description of him, but before he could answer, Meehun spoke.

"You have made contact!" he said excitedly. "Ask it how it reproduces."

Trevor hadn’t thought of that possibility. Supposing it had left seeds or spawns on other planets?

"Can you multiply? Can you reproduce? Are there others like you?"

I am one. I am all. We are all and one. I am savior. We are savior.

"Savior?" replied Trevor scornfully. "You are defeated."

Your mind is open to me. I see the powers you have. You are a destroyer as they are. I could destroy you even now but it would serve no purpose.

Trevor felt disturbed at the Scuddar’s accusation, and then a sudden pain numbed his brain for a split second. He staggered back clasping his head.

Meehun reached out to steady him. “Are you alright?” he asked.

Trevor nodded and told Meehun what the Scuddar had said.

You will not use your destructive power on me again.

Trevor’s mind whirled. Had the Scuddar neutralized his power?

"It can only see your latent powers," explained Meehun, unconcerned. "It is delusional, don’t worry about it. Ask it what it meant when it said it is ‘all and one’."

Trevor lacked the confidence that Meehun had. The pain he had just experienced, although brief, was very real. Trevor did as Meehun asked.

We are we and we are one.

"But what does that mean?" asked Trevor. He waited but received no reply. He turned to Meehun and repeated what the Scuddar had said.

"It has stopped talking."

"It doesn’t matter. We have learned much. We were all tuned in to your mind and have learned a great deal."

“How can you have learned anything from that,” said Trevor. He felt he was being used like a pawn in a game that was beyond his comprehension. He wasn’t sure liked that.

Sensing his internal conflict, Losin came up to them and spoke. “We believe that there are more of the Scuddar around the universe. How many, we don’t know but we must find them and protect ourselves and other intelligent life."

"Yes. We need to learn your powers, somehow," added Neegon. "We cannot rely on just one man."

"It will mean studying you further, Trevor," said Losin. "If only we could clone you but we don’t have that technology."

"My people do but there are laws against cloning clones. It has been tried and it doesn’t work out right. Something happens to the body and brain that is disastrous."

"If your people knew about your powers, they would not like it," said Losin. "They may decide to erase your memories again."

"You must be hungry,” Meehun, abruptly changing the subject. "It’s time for easting. Let’s go to the dining rooms and eat while we think."

Trevor hadn’t thought of food. Somehow, his need for physical food had been non-existent. Now, at the mention of food, he felt pangs of hunger.

The four grouped beneath a spire and were immediately transported to a dining room. There were already many people eating when they arrived. Meehun suggested a variety of vegetables and fruit to Trevor and led the way to a low table with soft cushions on the floor all around it. Trevor noticed some knelt while others sat cross-legged as they ate. He decided to kneel.

As he ate, he looked around the room at the people. They were all talking just as anyone would at a restaurant or canteen. He saw one woman with her back to him and he stiffened. She reminded him of Gina.

Suddenly he felt very homesick, feeling the loss of the woman he loved. He wanted to make love to her again. He ached to caress her soft smooth skin, to hold her close to him, to smell her perfume and hear her sweet moans of desire.

He thought about her and knew that by now she would be very worried about him. When he got back, he knew he would want to make love to her as soon as he saw her.

He sighed and turned his attention back to the group sharing the same table as he. Neither Losin nor Meehun had spoken but Losin was looking at him deep in thought.

"What if…" She paused for a moment. "I have an idea that needs discussing," she finished abruptly.

Meehun looked at her and a moment later, his eyes widened.

"We will discuss this later," he said aloud. Trevor knew that Losin and Meehun had communicated by thought transference. He shrugged. If it concerned him, they would tell him after their discussion.

They finished the meal and went back to the building where the Scuddar was and Trevor tried again to communicate with it. After several attempts, he received a thought reply.

I am weak and tired. I need to rest. No further attempt persuaded the Scuddar to respond.

"Trevor, we need to study you further now," said Losin. "It will require you to sleep. We cannot do it while your mind is active."

Trevor nodded his head. "Let’s get on with it. I want to get back home as soon as possible."

"We understand that and will be as quick as we can," replied Losin. "We will do it where you will be comfortable."

They took him to another room that had a bed and told him to lie down. Losin began to explain what she going to do but Trevor was impatient and told her to get on with it.

"I just want you to understand we will be going deep into your mind. Deeper than we have gone before."

As she spoke, four others arrived. He noticed they were the same four men that he had met before. They smiled at him and touched their foreheads in respect.

Trevor laid down on the bed. He was surprised how resilient the bed was. It seemed to mold around him, supporting his body, as if it were alive. He fell asleep immediately.

When he awoke, the room was dim and for a moment, he wondered where he was. Then remembered Losin wanted to go into his mind. He shifted his weight and the bed molded to his new position, adding to his comfort. Losin appeared as he was marveling at the way the bed supported his body.

"We have completed our study, Trevor," she said, smiling at him. "The powers you have are survival powers activated by your emotions and sense of well-being. They are not truly aggressive, as we had hoped; rather, they are more defensive. "

Trevor sat up and frowned. He had blasted the dead beast, had almost killed the Scuddar. Once more, the accusation of the Scuddar came into his mind. It was right. He was a destroyer.

Another thought kept niggling at the back of his mind. It was something Meehun had said after he had been in the dome. It was something that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Losin broke into his train of thought.

“You acted in self-defense. The Scuddar is attempting to confuse you. The headless dead beast disgusted you and its presence disturbed you. You were afraid for your people and yourself when you attacked the Scuddar. You killed the beast because you feared for your life. The flying insects annoyed you so you kept them at bay. You shielded yourself from the Scuddar when they tried to get to you. You knew if they got to you, they would do to you what they did to all the others. You were afraid of being inside the dome and willed yourself to get out. All defensive actions combined with emotions."

"So what does all that mean as far as you are concerned?"

"We had hoped we could imitate your powers in one or more of us by finding out exactly what it is that makes you different. We don’t think that is possible now. Maybe if we could study you for a long time we might find a way. But that would mean your staying here for what could be many of your years."

Trevor shook his head. "No way!" he said emphatically. "I want to get back home." He didn’t want to stay any longer than he had to and Losin wasn’t sure he would be any help to her and these people. He remembered the Scuddar had told him he would not use his powers against it again. If it had removed his powers or found a defense against them, then he could do nothing more to help.

"You want to get back to Gina. We understand that. But what if we brought her here?"

Trevor stared incredulously at her. Much as he desired to be with Gina, he couldn’t see her being happy living here indefinitely. He was a clone and had no family. Gina was not and had her parents and sister as well as grandparents, uncles and aunts. Even if she agreed, it would mean learning a new lifestyle that was very unsuited to her. Trevor shook his head and waved a hand negatively.

"No. That is definitely out," he said.

"There is one other option, an idea I had earlier. While we were studying you, we also examined all your physical organs. Apart from small differences, the important ones are almost identical to ours. We believe your people and ours are capable of breeding."

Trevor shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands. "So?" he said.

"We thought your powers could be passed on to your offspring."

"What?" He wondered if Losin was asking him to give them any children Gina and he had.

Losin read his mind.

"No. We are asking you to impregnate one or more of our women."

"You mean donate my sperm?" Losin again shook her head.

"That would not be any good," she explained, "that is one of the differences I mentioned. We had thought of that. Artificial insemination is not possible with our women. Our wombs differ from your women and conception is not quite the same. Egg production and access to them is only possible during arousal."

Trevor’s thoughts went to Gina. How he would be able to tell her if he did as they asked?

"Gina doesn’t have to know. All memory will be erased if we return you to your planet at the time you laid down on your bed. All you will remember is what went on before."

"I don’t think so," replied Trevor. Being unfaithful to Gina did not appeal to him one bit. He had just become engaged to her and wanted no one else. He wouldn’t forgive himself if he did remember.

Meehun and Neegon arrived at that moment. There was a brief silence and Trevor knew Losin was repeating their discussion. There was disappointment in Meehun’s expression as he turned to Trevor.

"We cannot make you do anything you don’t wish. However, think of the Scuddar’s seed growing in the universe. You cannot be around forever to fight and destroy them. It is too much for one man. Please consider it before dismissing the thought."

"We have the ability to enhance any powers your offspring might possess," added Losin. Trevor looked at them for a minute, and then said, "I will think about it."


Chapter Eight


That evening, Trevor lay on the bed in the house he had chosen to live in and thought deeply about the suggestion Losin had made. He thought about Gina. How he would feel if she slept with another man. He would be devastated, he knew, but the situation here was different. He would willingly give his life to save the human race and ultimately Gina’s life. He would be prepared to die even if there were only a slim chance of saving her and the rest of humanity from succumbing to the Scuddar.

The people of the planet Neum were not asking him to die. They were desperately seeking some way to combat the possibility of all intelligent life in the universe, including the human race, from becoming victims of the Scuddar. An act of infidelity on his part seemed so insignificant compared to the lives at risk and the possibility of saving them. Trevor decided to sleep on it and make up his mind the following morning.

The bed was so comfortable that Trevor lay in the following morning. He was still trying to decide what he should do as he lay staring at the ceiling. A sudden popping sound startled him and he turned his head to see what caused it. Neegon had appeared beneath the spire.

"Good morning, Trevor," announced Neegon, smiling.

"Don’t you warn anyone when you turn up like that?" grunted Trevor.

Neegon looked puzzled then understanding dawned on his face.

"I apologize, Trevor. I forgot the customs of your people." He looked crestfallen. "The people of Neum have a collective brain and we do not need any warnings."

Trevor swung his legs off the bed and stood up.

"It doesn’t matter," he said. "Where do I shower?" He thought he would love a shave too. His beard was growing longer.

"You can bathe in the community bathrooms," replied Neegon. "I have come to take you there and then to eat."

Both, Neegon and Meehun had tried to show Trevor how to use the controls of the spires without success. They told him it was a combination of thought and mechanical control. The mechanical part was reasonably simple but he could not understand the how the thought process came in. He needed to be accompanied wherever he wanted to go.

He donned his pants and tunic quickly and stood beside Neegon under the spire. The now familiar green light bathed them and a second later, they were standing in a room with walls lined with open cabinets. In many of the cabinets clothing hung from rails.

"When you have undressed, you go through that door to the bathing room. I will return for you soon." Neegon vanished with a popping sound.

Trevor slipped out of his clothes, hung them in an empty cabinet and went through the door Neegon had indicated. He found a pool not unlike a swimming pool with several people in it. Steam rose from the water indicating it was at least very warm. Only when he reached the edge of the pool did he realize there were men and women in it. He remembered Losin had told him her people did not worry about being naked in front of each other. He quickly slipped into the water. Two men saw him and touched their foreheads. He nodded back and touched his own and they smiled broadly at him.

These people never stop smiling, he thought.

Moments later everyone in the pool were looking at him and greeting him. A few, three men and two women, came up to him and touched his chin with two fingers. As each did this a thought came into his mind. "You are my friend and I want to be yours." Trevor just smiled and nodded back.

The water seemed to have some kind of cleansing agent in it that dissolved dirt and grime on contact. Not feeling comfortable with community bathing, Trevor washed quickly and returned to the dressing room. Drying himself with a cloth that hung in the cabinet, he had placed his clothes; he dressed quickly and hoped that Neegon would not be long in coming for him.

While he was waiting, two women entered. The same two had touched his chin earlier. They smiled at him, went to one of the cabinets, and began drying themselves. They showed no sign of embarrassment that he was there but he turned away and did not look at them. He thought again about the option Losin had suggested. He found he was becoming accustomed to the idea.

Neegon appeared moments later.

"Are you hungry?" he asked Trevor.

"Hungry enough for breakfast," Trevor replied. He visualized a plate of eggs, bacon and sausages and a pile of hash browns set before him along with a steaming mug of coffee. He knew that wasn’t going to happen.

"Good. Meehun and Losin want to know if you have made a decision yet. They are waiting in the dining rooms."

Neegon led the way to the dining room, a short walk from the pool. Others eating their first meal of the day occupied several tables. Meehun and Losin greeted him as he approached. As before, Meehun suggested a variety of fruits for him to eat for breakfast, explaining that some fruits and vegetables were especially suited for different meals and times of the day as well as for various occasions. Trevor took his word for it.

They ate in silence for a while. Trevor waited for them to broach the subject they wanted an answer to. He did not have to wait long.

"Trevor, we are anxious to know if you have made a decision yet,” said Meehun. Trevor kept them waiting while he finished chewing and swallowing.

"Yes. I will do it. If it to save the human race, I suppose being unfaithful is a small price to pay.”

Losin and Meehun beamed at him while Neegon touched his own forehead in respect.

"But first I want to know a few things," said Trevor.

"What do you want to know?" asked Meehun. Trevor pushed his plate aside, leaned his arms on the table and looked at Meehun in the eye.

"If the woman conceives, won’t it be too late by the time the child has grown old enough to fight the Scuddar?" he asked. "It will be about nine months before it is born and I think twenty years at least before it will be old enough to do battle as I have done, assuming it has the same powers."

It was Losin that replied.

"Our women carry the fetus for about four of your months. We don’t know whether it will be four months or nine months or anything between with your child," she explained. "As for being old enough, we will commence studying it as soon as it is born and, if it does possess your powers; hopefully learn if we can imitate them in some of our men."

"We have had one hundred of our men concentrating on the Scuddar and those of our people still resisting its commands. We have had some success and learned of at least one of its offspring that is still in its early development," added Meehun. "We are not concerned about it at the moment but should we discover more advanced Scuddar, we will need to bring you back if we haven’t succeeded in imitating your powers."

"I thought you couldn’t communicate with the Scuddar," said Trevor, frowning. "How is it you can now?" Meehun smiled and replied.

"Remember I told you we had learned a great deal when you were communicating with it? The same one hundred men were tuned into your mind at that time. We found a weakness in the Scuddar."

"Of course it was weak. It was almost mortally wounded," said Trevor.

Neegon spoke up. "Yes. However, we can now access its thoughts without its knowing. They are random thoughts but getting clearer. That is the weakness. It doesn’t know what it is revealing to us."

"But we still need the kind of powers you have whether they are yours or your offspring," said Losin. "Without them, we won’t be able to get near any advanced Scuddar."

Trevor thought over what he had heard. They sounded convincing and he realized the importance of stopping the Scuddar. Finally he spoke.

"All right. You have convinced me."

"Good! We will choose a suitable woman for you," said Meehun. "Unless you want to choose one yourself," he added. Trevor shook his head. He didn’t like the idea of possibly choosing someone reluctant to cooperate. He couldn’t imagine any woman of earth being willing to bear the child of an alien.

"No. You do the choosing."

“Then it is settled,” said Meehun with a finality that ended further discussion.

After the meal, Meehun and Neegon stood up.

"There is nothing you can do at the moment," he told Trevor, "Perhaps Losin will show you around until it is time for the midday meal?" He looked enquiringly at Losin.

"I would be happy to do that," replied Losin, turning to Trevor. "I could show you some of our world."

"Excellent idea!" said Meehun. "You will find we have some beautiful places here on Neum."

"Sounds good to me," Trevor said enthusiastically. All his attention had been on traveling, fighting the Scuddar and other things. There had been no time for really seeing anything of the red world or Neum. He found it fascinating that these people could casually suggest going world sightseeing in a single morning. Those spires would be wonderful to have on Earth. Even though Earth was so crowded, there were still many places that were unspoiled. The search for suitable planets for habilitation was continuing but hopes of finding one close enough to Earth to colonize was diminishing. The spires were the answer the human race needed.

"We will see you here at midday, then." Meehun and Neegon left Losin and Trevor to themselves.

"I will take you to one of my favorite places first," Losin told him. "I go there to be alone sometimes. If you don’t like it, we can move on to somewhere else."

Losin led Trevor to one of the buildings spires and deftly tapped the control panel.

A second later Trevor found he was on a beach with Losin at his side. Before him, the surf of a sea washed gently onto the beach. The deep blue color of the sea amazed him. For the first time since he had been on this planet, Trevor examined the sky. It was incredibly blue.

"That is because there is no pollution," explained Losin, reading his mind.

Trevor smiled and nodded. Pollution on Earth was at a critical level. The industrial technology needed to supply human needs belched toxins into the air at an alarming rate in spite of restrictions imposed by law. This planet was a paradise in comparison.

He turned around to look behind him. Trees, heavily laden with exotic blooms, extended beyond the narrow beach. Some were tall while others were only a few feet in height. Between the trees, a fine grass grew speckled here and there with colorful flowers.

When he turned back, Losin was smiling at him. The breeze warmed by the sun they called Ladra, occasionally blowing her fair, almost waist length hair across her face.

"It’s beautiful here," said Trevor.

"It is a small island. Not many come here. That’s why I like it." She moved some strands of hair from her face and tossed her head as she spoke. Trevor had not seen her feminine side before. She had always been proficient and businesslike.

"Do you want to stay awhile or go somewhere else?" she asked. Trevor had not relaxed since his arrival on the red planet where the Scuddar had been. He thought it would be nice to spend some time on the island. He sat down on the fine, soft sand.

"Let’s stay awhile and relax," he said. Losin laughed, obviously pleased that he liked her choice of place to visit. She sat down beside him, hugging her knees with her arms.

"I can close my mind from everything here and just be alone and think," she told him. "I think I am one of the few of us that like some solitude."

Trevor lay back on the sand, using his hands as a pillow.

"What do you think about?" he asked.

"Anything and everything," she replied. "I haven’t been here since the Scuddar attacked us about ten of your years ago." Trevor wondered how old Losin was. He hadn’t seen any old people or children.

"I am just inside my second quarter," she said. "Our people in their third and fourth quarter were the first to be attacked and the children had no chance to escape."

"I really don’t need to speak at all, do I?" Trevor said. "You read my mind all the time." Losin turned her head and looked down at him.

"I’m sorry," she apologized, "If it worries you I will not enter your thoughts."

"It is a bit disturbing to know that someone can read my mind as easily as you and your people can," replied Trevor. "We humans like some privacy."

"I will respect your privacy," Losin answered. "I will ask you next time and I will inform the others."

"I still won’t know if you’re doing it or not," Trevor said laughing.

"We are honorable people and keep our word," objected Losin. "I promise I will not read your thoughts without your permission from this moment on." She turned away to look at the sea. Trevor knew he had hurt her feelings.

"Look. I wasn’t saying you were lying," he said. "I was just stating a fact."

"That’s all right. I’m going for a swim." She got up and stripped. Trevor watched her as she skipped to the water’s edge. She stopped to allow the surf to wash over her feet before plunging into a wave. She swam out several yards and then turned to him.

"Are you coming in?" she called.

"Why not?" thought Trevor. He stripped and ran toward her, plunging in without hesitation. He swam out to her and stood up, shaking his head and spraying water in all directions. Losin’s wet hair hung over her shoulders covering her small breasts as she wiped the spray from her face and eyes with her hands. She splashed him, then laughing; she swam away before he could splash her back. Trevor swam after her and, diving beneath her caught her feet, pulling her down beneath the surface. He caught a glimpse of her, her hair floating like a halo around her head as her arms flailed, trying to surface. They both surfaced together, laughing at each other.

"Let’s go back," said Losin. "We don’t have any drying cloths. The sun will have to dry us." Together, they waded back to the beach.

Losin sank to the sand and lay on her back, closing her eyes. Trevor stood looking at her. Her arms were by her side and her legs slightly apart. She had a contented smile on her face. His eyes moved from her face to her breasts, then slowly down her body to her feet. Is she the one they have chosen? he wondered. He had not looked at her in any way but as an alien. Now he saw she was attractive and shapely although a little skinny. His gaze shifted back to the small fuzzy bush at the cleft of her thighs. He imagined making love to her and began to feel aroused. Her eyes opened briefly.

"Lie down and let the sun dry you," she said. Trevor smiled and did as she bid.

"Were you reading my thoughts? he asked. Losin sat up.

"No, of course not. I told you I would ask you first," she said. "Don’t you believe me?"

"Yes, I do. It was just that I was having private thoughts just then."

The sun quickly dried them both as they lay enjoying the relaxation, making small comments to each other. They heard a squeal and Losin sat up abruptly.

"Look!" she said excitedly pointing out to sea. "A ranta!" Trevor sat up to see what had excited her. He just saw a large white creature roll over and submerge.

"We don’t often see rantas this close to the shore," said Losin. They waited several minutes but the creature did not reappear. Losin pouted and turned to Trevor.

"I am experiencing a lot of firsts today," she said. "I have never brought anyone here before. No one has ever swum with me here before. And I have never seen a ranta so close to the shore before."

She brushed some sand off his shoulder, and then began to brush more sand off her arms. Trevor helped by brushing it off her back.

"Another first," he said. "No one has ever brushed sand off you here before." They laughed together while Losin continued brushing her legs.

As Trevor watched, he began to feel aroused again. Having a naked woman beside him was erotic enough but having one that had no inhibitions about being exposed to him was more arousing. He bent forward and kissed her shoulder. Losin looked at him with slight puzzlement on her face.

"Is that a human gesture?" she asked. She reached out and touched his chin. "You are my friend and I want to be yours," she said.

"Not quite like that," replied Trevor. "Have you never been kissed by a man before?"

"Kissed?" Losin frowned. "I will have to go into your mind to find out what that means."

"No, don’t do that." Trevor took her face in his hands and kissed her lips long and gently. When he stopped, he looked into her eyes to see her reaction. She was not offended but the puzzled look on her face was still there.

"What does it mean?" she asked. Trevor could see she genuinely didn’t know what a kiss was.

"It is a sign of affection," he told her, “affection between two people." Her mouth formed an "O", and then she smiled and took his face in her hands and kissed him as he done to her.

"I have affection for you, too," she said. Trevor smiled at her innocence.

"Then there is another kind of kiss like this." He put his arms around her and gently pushed her back on the sand. His lips sought hers and he kissed her deeply, his tongue forced her lips open, brushed the inside of them before probing into her mouth. His hand cupped her breast and squeezed, gently kneading the soft flesh.

Emboldened by her non-resistance and his increasing arousal, Trevor lowered his head and kissed her neck, then lower to kiss her nipples. His tongue circled her nipple causing it to harden before his mouth closed over her breast and sucked hard on the soft flesh while his hand squeezed and pinched her other nipple to erection.

Losin uttered a moan that Trevor ignored. He shifted lower and began licking her smooth skin slowly but deliberately down to her navel, leaving a glistening trail of saliva. Pausing a moment to probe the little hollow of her navel with the tip of his tongue, he continued licking and kissing over her belly toward the curly bush that covered her mound of Venus. He caught the scent of her, that woman’s issue that he found so erotic and drove him wild with desire.

He pushed her legs apart and started kissing and licking the insides of her thighs, one after the other, from her knees upward. He could hear Losin’s breath hissing between her teeth.

"What are you doing?" she managed to say. Trevor again ignored her. His hands thrust beneath her buttocks and lifted her. His kiss there was tender as he breathed in the erotic scent of her. His tongue gently parted her private lips, once, then again, tasting her flowing juices, and then stabbed deep into her. His tongue searched for the little bud, found it and flicked it hard and fast.

Losin cried out and arched her back, her legs widening and her hips gyrating to give him access. Trevor's mouth closed over the bud and sucked hard, bringing a quiet drawn out scream from Losin.

Suddenly, Trevor stood up and towered over her. Losin looked up at him, her eyes wide and her face distorted with desire. In his hand, his organ was erect as he stroked it slowly. She looked into his eyes trying to see what he was thinking. She could see the passion and desire she felt reflected in his face.

"Please…" The word escaped from her almost involuntary. Trevor smiled and sank to his knees between her legs. She felt him move the tip of his penis along her wet lips, coating it with her juices. She gasped as he slowly entered her, pushing deeper into the center of her being. His large hands grasped her hips, pulling her to him. A drawn out moan of pain and pleasure escaped her as she felt herself stretching to accommodate him.

Losin closed her eyes and surrendered herself to him. The pain quickly subsided and she felt only the waves of pleasure coursing through her body as she climaxed over and again. She was dimly aware of Trevor groaning loudly as she felt his hot fluid pumping into her before he collapsed on top of her

Several minutes later Trevor rolled off from Losin and lay by her side. They lay recovering from the exertion of their lovemaking, neither of them wanting to speak as their minds continued to dwell on the pleasures they had just experienced. Fine sand, blown by the breeze, clung to the sweat and body moisture unheeded.

When he had recovered sufficiently, Trevor reached for Losin’s hand and gave it a little squeeze. Losin did not respond. Trevor turned his head to look at her face. She was staring up at the sky and deep in thought.

"Are you okay?" he asked, quietly. Losin nodded then looked at him without speaking. The breeze blew her hair over her face and eyes but she let it remain. Trevor gently pushed it away for her. He saw tears in her eyes.

"You sure you are all right?" he asked again. She smiled and nodded her head once more.

Not trusting her voice to speak she swallowed hard and Trevor felt a pang of guilt.

"Did I hurt you?" She had been very tight and he didn’t know if she was a virgin or not before they made love. Again, she smiled but his time she shook her head slightly. Trevor laid back not knowing what else to say. A minute or two passed then Losin spoke quietly.

"What did you do?" The question made Trevor’s brow crease into a frown. What did I do? What does she mean? Trevor thought. Aloud he replied.

"I made love to you."

"I know. But like that?" Her voice was almost a whisper. Trevor sat up and, supporting himself on his elbow, looked down at her, still frowning. Her eyes looked into his.

"You didn’t like the way I made love?"

Losin smiled and touched his cheek. Another tear rolled from the corner of her eye to fall onto her hair.

"Yes," she whispered. "It was… beautiful… but… we don’t make love that way here." She turned her head away in embarrassment. Trevor’s mind raced as he tried to think what he had done wrong.

"Have I done something taboo? Something forbidden among you people?"

This time Losin laughed and looked back at him.

"I don’t know," she said. "We make love by agreement. It is simple act of copulation agreed by both parties. Nothing like the things you did."

"How boring," said Trevor. "You mean even marriage partners make pre-arrangements to have sex?"

"We don’t have marriages," Losin explained. "We agree to copulate and the children are cared for by all of us after they are past weaning stage. We have a collective mind and all adults accept responsibility for the upbringing of all children."

"Too bad for the children. They miss out on the love of their parents," said Trevor.

"No, they get the love of everyone," replied Losin. "Maybe you will understand one day," she finished. She stood up.

"It is almost we were getting back for the midday meal. Let’s wash this sand off in the sea." She gathered up their clothes in her arms and began walking to the water’s edge. Trevor fell in step beside her.

"Where’s the spire to take us back," he asked.

"We don’t need one to return. Only to go where we want."

They bathed in the water, washing off the sand and dried sweat from their bodies. When they finished Losin picked up her pants and showed Trevor the belt. He saw there were several buttons on it.

"This is how we return. Before we do, I want to thank you for showing me how you humans make love. I will remember that for the rest of my life." Before Trevor could reply, she pressed one of the buttons and they were back under the spire in the community building. Losin was still holding her pants while the rest of their clothing lay on the floor in front of them.

"We’ll bathe in the pool before we eat," said Losin. She picked up their clothes and led the way to the bathing pool ignoring the few people they passed on the way. Trevor self-consciously followed her; thankful no one seemed to notice their nakedness.


*          *          *          *          *


"There you are." Meehun greeted them with a smile as they entered the dining room. "Did you enjoy your morning?"

"Very much so," replied Trevor. "It was a beautiful experience," he added, grinning at Losin.

They went to choose their meals. Trevor remembered what Meehun had recommended the day before and began putting the fruits and vegetables on his plate.

"No, not that or that today," said Meehun. "Instead you will need these." He took two of the fruits from Trevor’s plate and replaced them with three others. Trevor shrugged his shoulders and accepted what was given him. When they sat down, Trevor noticed the two fruits that had been removed were on Meehun’s plate. Again, he shrugged.

"We have chosen a woman for you to impregnate," said Meehun, excitedly. "In fact there were many willing to be your partner for this."

Trevor glanced at Losin. She didn’t show any reaction to Meehun’s statement.

"I thought Losin was the one chosen," replied Trevor without taking his eyes off Losin. She returned his gaze with a smile.

"Trevor, may I enter your mind?" she asked.

"If you need to," said Trevor, slowly. Losin looked at him steadily for a few seconds.

They don’t know what happened this morning. I had blocked my mind from the others. It would be good if you attempted to impregnate another woman. Maybe more than one other. There will be better chances of success. The thought came to him clearly.

"You don’t…" he began but another thought came from Losin interrupting him.

Just think what you want to say if you don’t want them to know. They will not enter your mind now. I have told them of your wishes.

You don’t mind if I go with another woman after this morning?

No, of course not. We are not like your people. There is no jealousy among us. Nor is there a need to be loyal to just one partner as it is with your people. We are all one.

Trevor remembered the words of the Scuddar. It had said the same thing. All the Scuddar were one. One collective mind.

That’s right. We are all one like the Scuddar but I will not tell them of what happened unless you want them to know. It will be blocked from them. I will only tell them if I become pregnant.

I will leave that decision to you, replied Trevor, I don’t mind if they know or not.

You will know if I do tell them. I will leave your mind now.

Meehun, respectfully leaving them to converse through private thought transference, had continued eating his meal. If he was at all curious, he didn’t show it.

"I think Trevor is ready to listen now," said Losin aloud. Meehun looked up at her.

"Good. As I said we have chosen a woman for you." He turned his attention to Trevor. "We chose her because she is more like the women of your planet. She is more fleshy than most of our women." Meehun took a final bite of a soft fruit and pushed his plate away. "She is on her way here right now to meet you."

Trevor didn’t know what to say or think. He didn’t know whether to laugh at the situation or not. Here these people were seriously arranging for him to have sex with a complete stranger. A complete stranger who was willing to allow him to have sex with her for the purpose of making her pregnant. It seemed ridiculous to him. All the more so as Meehun had said many women had volunteered. The only thing that made sense was the reason they were doing this. It was for the same reason he was prepared to be unfaithful to Gina. It was an attempt to save all intelligent life in the universe.

"Here she is now," Meehun exclaimed. He indicated a woman walking toward the tables of fruits and vegetables.

Trevor watched her as she took a plate and began choosing her meal. She was dark-haired and attractive with a less anorexic look than other Neumite women. Her breasts were fuller and her hips more rounded.

"We tried to choose one as close in appearance to your own people," explained Meehun. “We hope you approve.”

The woman came over to their table and Meehun wasted no time in introducing her to Trevor.

“Trevor, this is Baheen.”

Baheen smiled and touched Trevor on the chin and went through the "You are my friend…" routine. Trevor thought he had better make some acknowledgement.

"This is how we do it on Earth," he explained. Standing up and smiling, he took her hand and shook it. "It basically means the same thing."

"They also do what they call a ‘kiss’," said Losin. "Like this." She stood up, took Baheen’s face in her hands, and kissed her as Trevor had done on the beach. Trevor considered explaining that only a male and female kissed like that but decided to let it slide to avoid embarrassing Losin.

"Sit down now and eat. Neegon will be here soon. We have much to discuss," said Meehun. They sat down to continue their meal. Trevor noticed that Baheen had chosen the same fruits that Meehun had chosen for him.

Neegon arrived a few minutes later.

"The room is ready for the copulation," he said, looking from Trevor to Baheen and back again with a big smile. "I am sure you will both like the way it has been arranged."

"Place? What’s wrong with the place where I am living?" Trevor asked.

"Oh that would not do at all!" Meehun looked shocked at the suggestion. "We have special rooms for copulating."

Trevor frowned and looked enquiringly at Losin. He saw her cheeks redden.

"May I enter your mind again?" she asked Trevor. He nodded in reply.

I told you we didn’t make love the way you do. They would be shocked if they knew what we did on the island. That is why I haven’t told them what happened, she said.

So it is taboo, he replied.

I don’t know. It has just never been done as far as I know. And never like you did it.

I see. So I am just expected to have intercourse with Baheen without any foreplay?

A few seconds passed before Losin answered.

I had to search your mind to see what you meant by that. What you call foreplay is not really needed in the copulating rooms. You will see.

Have you made love in these rooms? asked Trevor.

No, never. But I know all about them. I will leave your mind now.

No, stay at least until I ask you to go. Trevor felt he might need to ask Losin more questions before the day was out.

As you wish.

Between them, Neegon and Meehun explained to Trevor what to expect. There was to be a ritual that would take place at the entrance to the "copulating room". There would be chanting and celebrating. Then the couple would enter the room alone and remain until the following morning when there would be more celebrating and then the couple would part to go about their normal ways. Apart from the last bit, it seemed to Trevor like a wedding ceremony.

“It begins after the last meal time," finished Meehun

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